Title Cards – Each character has their own title card with character name and real name.

We will pan from left to right to emphasize each character so nobody misses their chance to shine. I have placeholders in there right now so you can see how the spaces get occupied. I will be feeding you all individual title cards over the next few days as well as have the seating arrangements all sorted out.


This was an early render. After speaking with Josey, we discussed more specific scenes from the film. I am literally recreating particular scenes and you will see which ones are being recreated below.


This is the style I’ve been working on lately for the scenes. After speaking with Josey, we shifted a bit from the overly-cartoon style. Now, I am re-creating 5-7 scenes from the film in this animation style. In this shot, I will resend after I add his face detail and render out the animation today.

Below, you will find the scenes I am in the process of wrapping up within a week. This is the style of what the characters sitting in the theater, will be watching on their movie screen.


These are the scenes I am recreating in the cartoon style. Final render coming in about a week unless I receive word to shift direction again.