Rise of an Empire

July 10th, 2018 | Devision Lab Studios

We recently had the extreme pleasure of working with industry titan, Empire Roofing of Fort Worth, TX. Renowned for their quality workmanship by all the major roofing manufacturers, they wanted a custom presentation that wouldexude strength and serve as an extension of their professionalism.

Shot on location across multiple cities, we were able to capture the actions of their skilled professionals in the field. We were given no time to conquer our fear of heights as we trekked across massive rooftops hauling camera equipment while trying not to look down.  Our drone operator was in a very enviable position as he was allowed to work safely from the ground.

Once we had days of hi-def footage captured, the artistry of concept development with storyboarding and audio production were introduced.  During a visit to  Empire Roofing’s massive office grounds, the sense of branding was heavily and proudly on display. From the never-ending fleet of vehicles down to the colors of the cabinet doors within the office, everything was branded, unified and amazingly cohesive.

Given the bold nature of the name EMPIRE, we knew the visuals had to display strength. We were not going to be able to get away with something that felt “safe” and corporate.  From day one, we were already being challenged to do something wild, crazy and daring.  We were told, “we don’t want to play it safe” – so we obliged.

All of these elements came into play in the look development of the production and the animations.  We chose to put an artistic spin on history as we created the exterior of the Roman Coliseum but modernized the inner arena a bit. We used a deep navy blue and white marble floor display set in the midst of very heavy concrete walls and marble columns.

Next, we crafted a modern screen display in the style of powder-coated steel pipes. During certain transitions, the viewer is greeted with an explosive cutscene that jolts the senses and keeps them engaged. Subtle elements are scattered throughout such as rolling clouds, birds, fire, sparks, smoke. Everything works in harmony as not to overpower the main attraction on the swivel screen display.

Of course, none of this would be complete without the perfect blend of audio support. We produced a custom sound that relied heavily on a horn section. We developed a cadence rhythm with some deep kicks, killer snare and sharp hi-hats. The beat feels like Rome – with a bit of hiphop.

We hope you have enjoyed our adventures and can live vicariously through what we do.  If you have a crazy production idea floating around in your head, contact us and let’s make it happen.  After all, we eat, sleep and breathe this stuff!